Detention Clerks

The Clerks are responsible for maintaining and cataloging inmate files, maintaining inmate trust accounts, mail and visitation. Our clerical staff is also responsible for the information corroboration between the F. Dewayne Beggs Detention Center and the Cleveland County courthouse representatives, the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, a multitude of law enforcement agencies

Gang Intel Patch

Gang Intelligence Unit

The F. DeWayne Beggs Detention Center provides for the safety and welfare of staff, visitors, and inmates through efforts provided by the Gang Intelligence Unit. These include, but are not limited to, intelligence and information gathering, the exchange and dissemination of information, providing Security Threat Groups specific training, the management of Security Threat Group members, and through Security Threat Groups research and identification.


The Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office has developed programs utilizing community resources and volunteers to meet inmate’s needs and to increase their chances for a successful return to the community. All inmates, except Intake, Disciplinary and some Special Management inmates are eligible for programs offered in the Jail. However, they can temporarily lose the privilege of programs, or be suspended from programs, if they present a threat to the security of the facility, other inmates, volunteers, or employees. The Program manager, or designee, will find volunteers to provide programs. Prospective volunteers from the community may contact the Program manager, or designee to volunteer in the Jail.



The Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office transports prisoners between correctional and medical facilities in a manner which minimizes the opportunity for escape and injury to citizens, Sheriff’s Office personnel, prisoners and mental health patients. 

To learn more, click on the photo to the left and see the video story of one transport deputy's journey. 


View information on current warrants for Cleveland County and find current Cleveland County inmates.

  • We handle the Extradition/Transports for Adults/Juveniles that have gotten arrested on warrants/pick up orders out of our county and state.
  • We enter warrants that have been issue on people
  • We handle Court Order Writs on people that are out of our custody and need to be brought in for their court date.
  • We handle Court Orders Mental Health Transports
  • We handle Court Orders Juvenile Transports.