1. Administration

    Get to know the Cleveland County Sheriff's Office Administration.

  2. Detention Center

    Our mission at F. Dewayne Beggs Detention Center is to protect the citizens of Cleveland County, employees and the inmate, while maintaining a safe and secure facility, and working in conjunction with local law enforcement agencies. We intend to provide humane care to those incarcerated and facilitate programs to assist the inmate with their reintegration into the community while upholding our core values of Integrity, Firmness, Fairness, and Consistency

  3. Operations

    The men and women of the Operations Division are committed to providing the safest and highest level of service possible, in an effort to improve the quality of life for everyone in Cleveland County. It is our goal, to be fair and understanding with the enforcement of all laws, deter criminal activity, protect life and property, and maintain order. We understand that our most valuable resource is our county citizens. We know through partnerships with you, this will greatly enhance our efforts to be successful.

  4. Other Law Enforcement Agencies

    Discover the different phone numbers for each agencies in and around Cleveland County

  5. Cleveland County Website