Sheriff Blake Green


Blake Green took the oath of office as the 25th Cleveland County Sheriff on April 6, 2020. Green served the people of Cleveland County in the position of undersheriff since October 2017.

A former Norman Police captain, Green served as the Criminal Investigations Commander for NPD, overseeing the Criminal Investigations Section, the Special Investigations Section, Forensic Services, and the Property Section. He graduated from the Norman Police Academy in 1994 and has served in several leadership and training capacities, including serving as vice chair of the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET) Advisory Council, and on the board of directors for Community Services Building, Inc., an agency that provides affordable facilities for human services agencies in Norman and Cleveland County.

Currently, Green serves on the Board for the Cleveland County Salvation Army.

Green was a commander on the Norman SWAT team and instructed other officers on Racial Intelligence Training and Engagement, a program that promotes better racial relations within the community and helps officers keep emotions in check during interactions with the public.

Our Vision

We believe in inspiring positive success by transforming one life at a time.

Our Mission

The Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office exists to courageously protect by standing between good and evil while we compassionately serve by putting others before ourselves. By doing so we seek to defend life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all persons. 

Our Values

INTEGRITY — Doing the right thing while simultaneously being accountable.

TRANSPARENCY — Openly displaying our stewardship of the people’s office. 

RELATIONSHIPS — People matter and partnerships increase effectiveness.

HUMILITY — Accurately assessing ourselves as we stay grounded.

INNOVATION — Continuously seeking opportunities to improve.