1. Community Service Alerts

    Learn how to get community service alert updates with Notify Me or Mobile App.

  2. Fingerprinting

    Find out where and when you can get fingerprinted.

  3. Handgun License Requirements

    Discover how to obtain a handgun license in Cleveland County and find out if you qualify.

  4. Safe X Program

    The Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) created the safe exchange program to provide peace of mind and a safe place for parents and children to conduct child exchanges for court ordered visitation. These locations have been identified as being under constant recorded video surveillance and are available for use for child exchanges. The recordings of these exchanges are available in the event there is illegal activity. The Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office safe exchange program is called “safex”.

  5. Starting Point

    Starting Point

  6. 911 Cell Phone Program

  7. ICE - Victim Notification Program

    ICE will make every effort to keep victims and witnesses advised of the release status of the offender. Registered victims and witnesses will be advised when the criminal alien is released from custody or removed.

  8. Natural Disaster Readiness

    Discover helpful information and links for checking weather such as Winter weather, Severe weather and Burn Ban information.

  9. Offender Registry Enforcement

    Unit is part of the Operations Division. The ORE Unit was formed when Sheriff Joe Lester was elected in 2009. It employs 1 commission deputy. The Unit is augmented by 2 Patrol Deputies. The unit ensures all Cleveland County Sex and Violent Offender Registrants are registered and in compliance with all State and Federal Laws.

  10. Other Law Enforcement Numbers

    Find other Law Enforcement Agencies in Cleveland County

  11. Service Fees / Charges

    Explore a list of services that the Cleveland County Sheriff Office provides and how much they cost.

  12. Sheriff Sale

    Learn about the Sheriff Sale that takes place in Cleveland County, Oklahoma.

  13. TIPS & Crime Stoppers

    Submit a Tip & alert us about a crime.

  14. Useful Links

    View a list of useful links created to help the citizens of Cleveland County.

  15. VINE - Victim Information System

    Explore the Victim Information System (VINE) if you are searching for the status of the person who has committed a crime against you.